Thursday, 2 October 2014

Top 5 reasons to not buy XIAOMI smartphones

First of all you should know about XIAOMI company,so XIAOMI is a private Chinese smartphone company. It is one of the biggest Chinese company that produce and sells smartphone and some other electronic items.Now XIAOMI smartphones are also available in India,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia and some other countries.
           The word XIAOMI is formed by combination of two words  XIAO-"little" and MI-"rice" that means little rices but now its meaning is more than just a little rice.Now XIAOMI refers to new innovations in smartphones with perfection.
            But still people don't have trust on XIAOMI smartphones and there are top 5 reasons why people don't have faith on XIAOMI smartphone.


XIAOMI is a Chinese ompany and in India people think that Chinese smartphones are just a waste and there are no guarantee about their performance because Indian peoples had used there low quality touchscreen phones before which are easily available in Indian market with a starting price tag of 1000 INR.These low quality phones are loaded with many features but they last hardly 1 month or two months so Indian users think that all chinese phones are just a waste.
           So many smartphone users don't have knowledge about their smartphones and smartphone specifications but still they buy smartphones of any company except Chinese smartphone just to play games and surfing whatsapp or facebook.
             Only few smartphone user have knowledge about their smartphones and features and they also know that which smartphone they should buy or which  smatyphone they should not buy and they also know that all Chinese smartphones are not just waste and smartphone like XIAOMI MI-3 is fastest smartphone in China with a good budget and awesome specification.


Recently many Chinese companies like XIAOMI set up their branch and service centres in India and some other countries so there is some lack in their services due to less service centres and less employees in different countries,due to this reason smartphones users think that if they buy a Chinese smartphone and if there is any fault in that smartphone so it will be very hard to repair due to lack of there service centres and also there parts are hardly available in Indian market.
        So it is very risky to buy a Chinese smartphone.


XIAOMI smartphones have their own user interface which is quite different from other android smartphones.This UI is comes with so many features but it is little bit hard to use in starting because smartphone users had only used regular android UI's,iOS and windows smartphones.But smartphone users should remember that there is always a first time and in starting any new device on new user interface looking hard to use or operate but after sometime of uses you will feel comfortable to use that new user interface,so don't reject a smart phone just because of different user interface.


Rooting refers to jail breaking that means full control on your smartphone and many apps and features only runs on rooted smartphone.But you can't root XIAOMI smartphones and XIAOMI smartphones like XIAOMI MI-3 which is the fastest Chinese smartphone is already rooted from top and does not required further rooting.Rooting also voids warranty period of smartphone and to prevent from this XIAOMI MI-3 is already rooted so that means you have full control on your smartphone.


XIAOMI Smartphones performance is very well in starting but people think that it is a Chinese company so that its performance decreases day by day And one day it will be a useless slim box.So it is very hard for them to spend thousands of bucks on a Chinese smartphone.


Chinese smartphones companies have to build up users trust on their smartphones and also smartphone users have to trust on good smartphones and not only branded smartphones companies like Nokia,Samsung,Apple,Blackberry and HTC.


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