Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to get 50mb 3g data from HIKE messenger app by refferal

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How to get free data from Hike app ?
Hike Unlimited Free Internet Data Offer

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4. Now click top right corner area >> Invite

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8. Go to Rewards / Extras section & redeem
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Indian premier league LIVE

Indian premier league LIVE
Sony six Live
Set max Live

Chennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight
Mumbai Indians
Rajasthan Royals
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Kings XI Punjab
Delhi Daredevils
Sunrisers Hyderabad

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mcent hacked technique for unlimited free rechage

Mcent hacked technique for unlimited free rechage.:

Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to get 50 rs from snapdeal

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 mcent app nd earn upto 350rs

I just discovered an app called mCent that gives you free mobile airtime for trying apps on your phone. Give it a try:

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What is is basically a sister company of an
already established and legitimate work at home
opportunity we all love here, .

Like most market
research companies they're in the business of
gathering information from folks like you and I. They
report their findings to businesses so in turn they can
make better products, services, websites,
advertisements, etc. All of which adds to a
company's bottom line and why they are willing to pay
us for our feedback.

What makes

I think they pretty much summed it up best in their own
"PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site built
upon 4 principles:
- We pay cash for every completed market research survey.
- We never screen you out once you've been invited into a
- We've cracked the code that takes "boring" out of the
survey answering experience.
- Privacy – we never ask you to register your real name or
complete physical address."

Notice how they hit some of the major complaints that
we survey takers have expressed! It makes me
wonder if they surveyed users at or elsewhere to create
the answer to a common problem?
Either way these are the traits I love about this

Can you imagine if every survey company
worked like this?

So how does it work?

Like most survey companies you'll usually get an email
when there is a survey ready for you. At the time of this
review, I usually get a paid survey from them every
day! This may or may not be the case for you. Another
thing to note is that many times their survey invitation
emails end up in my spam folder. Fortunately I'm
already in the habit of checking that folder every day
because so many of my WANTED emails end up there.
So just keep that in mind if you don't receive any
invitations for a survey.
In any event, once you get an email, you just log in and
answer a series of short questions. They are very short
multiple choice questions. If you've taken polls, they're exactly like
that. So they're nice and short like a leprechaun.
Usually after answering 10 questions you are then
awarded some money, guaranteed!

How much money can you make?

Well at the time of this review I earn about $.10 per
completed survey which usually consist of 10 short
questions. There are times when they send higher
paying surveys that can pay anywhere from .30 up to
$2. Those surveys are usually limited time offers so
you need to respond as quickly as you get them to
qualify for the larger amounts. But it seems like $.10
per survey is the average. Again it could be different for
you. What I do know for certain is you're paid for every
survey which is a refreshing change!
Now you may think to yourself a measly dime is
nothing! No, not making anything is nothing! That's
what happens when a lot of folks are working with
other survey companies. Those folks put you through
non-paying screener questions or surveys! So it's all
about perspective with this opportunity like many of the
ones I've introduced you to in the past. You'd be
surprised how fast .$10 per day can add up and
considering it takes you less than 2-5 minutes to
complete the surveys, why not!

You waste that amount of time on Facebook, Twitter,
surfing the web, tv, etc. It's a no brainer when you
consider this.
When do you get paid and how do you
get paid?

Currently there is payment threshold of $15 that you
must reach before you can get paid! It could be more or
less by the time you read this. Hopefully the latter. But
once you reach the payment threshold you can cash
out by only! When I did it I was paid within
a few hours which was sweet.
How to make more money!
Well like your wife or girlfriend, trust is a big deal with . Let's face it, if you've joined a
lot of survey companies just to earn a buck, your
responses may not be of the highest quality! Keep in
mind the whole reason these business are hiring
companies like is so they can get
an insight on how we think so they can better market to
us and thus give us products we want to buy and make
these companies money.

So if everyone is just putting crappy answers for these
survey questions, these companies actually lose money
because it won't really lead to more money for them.
So understands this and has a trust
factor built into their surveys. Again if you've used
InstantCashSweepstakes you might be familiar with
this concept. On ICS if you respond to the same
question the same way, they reward you for it. Well sort
of the same thing happens with PVP. Your trust score
goes up as you answer the same trait questions in the
same way.
But they really mix up the way the questions are asked
to confirm that you are really consistent! So be honest!

If you are, then your trust score goes up and allegedly
once it reaches the highest level you'll earn a lot more
money on the surveys. My trust score is getting up
there. So we'll see if this is true or not but it takes a lot
of time which I guess makes sense.

The next way you can earn more money is with
referrals! What a shocker! Not. As with most of my
favorite recommendations you can get paid for sharing
this company with others as I am doing with you.

someone you refer takes 6 or more business surveys
you earn $1. Initially it sounded pretty sweet. But read
the previous sentence again. The users need to be
active to get paid! I'll discuss later how that hampers
the potential referral income even for a trained affiliate
like me who reaches thousands of people every day
that trust me!

1. Payment experience.
I'm not found of the payment threshold being so high
when you consider that most of the surveys you're
taking are only worth a few cents. I think they should
have followed their sister company model and kept it at
something easily attainable which is $2.

I think
psychological people are more inclined to keep taking
the surveys on the site if they continue to see they're
getting paid out over and over again so easily.

At $15
some folks may get discouraged and give up on this
Another issue is that in their attempt to combat fraud
and cheating they make you do some crazy phone or
text verification before you can request your payment
via paypal. Don't worry it's pretty easy to complete but
it seems a bit excessive. But at the same time it's
probably necessary because there are always some a-
holes out there gaming the system and messing it up
for the rest of us!

Folks may also take issue with the fact there aren't any
other payment options besides paypal. If you don't
have a paypal account then you're not getting paid
since they don't issue checks. Furthermore paypal isn't
available in every country, so if you live in one of the
unsupported countries you're out of luck too.

2. Referral program.
As a trained affiliate marketer, ya'll already know I love
me some companies with a referral program! Because I
know how to reach several thousand people per day
with my sites and you guys trust me I usually make a
killing on referrals alone. Referral programs tend to be
The parent company pays you for when someone sign
ups for a free account or if a person buys something.'s referral program is different than
many other survey programs I promote. Instead of just
earning a flat fee for referring a new member, they
require that the member actually take a certain number
of surveys!

I know from experience there are a lot of
"Deadbeat" members to any program I recommend.
These folks sign up but never actually take action! Now
obviously for the company that pays me, this is a bad
thing. However for me it's a great thing because I
still get paid for the introduction. But again from the
company's point of view, they're not getting any value
from members that aren't doing anything.
With that in mind, I can understand's logic. But just because I
understand it doesn't mean I have to like it!

I think a happier medium is to initially pay something
for the sign up and then pay a bonus for the members
that turn active. This way we all win! So right now I'm
not a huge fan of their referral program. I have a few
active members that make me some money (hopefully
that will be you. lol) but for the most part many of them
are just dead weight and haven't added value. So that

3. Show me more money!
Right now it seems like is still
growing. I think they probably have way more survey
participants than they do have paying businesses that
want to tap into our opinions. As a result there aren't as
many business surveys which are the ones that earn
you more money and tie into the referral income one
can earn! So although you're getting paid for every
survey you earn, it's not as much as you could make if
they had more clients.

But I've always argued that surveys aren't really a
consistent source of income you depend on. They're
just a nice occasional one off to add to your multiple
streams of income . The exception to this is when you
have a large referral base like I do which guarantees
me money from many survey companies every month!
Again affiliate marketing keeps paying the bills folks!

4. Consistency is a must!
I don't know about you but sometimes I have a change
a heart on certain topics or things change in my life.
Well with this company that can hurt you on the
survey questions. Your trust score can go down with
inconsistent answers and thus lowering your chances
of making the bigger bucks. Again I understand why the
trust score is in place. I just wish it had a bit more
wiggle room depending on the nature of the

One of my facebook fans summed it well. She
said it feels like you're being accused of lying when you
mess up a question. lol I have to agree.
So Is Legitimate?
At the time of this review and based on my own
personal experience it appears to be the real deal. I
have cashed out a payment already and will be doing
another one soon. So I feel confident recommending
this company because the same folks that are behind are behind this

Hopefully this company will just get better as time goes
on (not that it's bad right now). I just really want to see
that payment threshold lowered or an increased number
of business surveys that pay more.

I would also love to
see a revised referral program that still rewards us for
the initial introduction. Other than that I don't really
have a lot gripes with this company and it will be one of
my daily activities I take online to earn me some easy
money. Couple this with many of my other
recommendations and it will add up. But don't expect to
earn a living off this!
If this doesn't really appeal to you, that's cool.

everyone can appreciate the philosophy a penny earned
is a penny saved. A traditional work at home job may
be more of your cup of tea. Well we have you covered
there too. Just visit our jobs page which is updated

If u want to support me then create new account with my referral link given below:-

Sunday, 30 November 2014 is getting hacked by LizardSquad

Ya its true that smartphones specs related website is getting hacked by Lizard squad on 30th november 2014 .

Going to

redirects you to

Any direct link to any phones on gsmarena ends up in

404 not found.

This is worst time for gsm arena.Stay tuned with us and hope for the best.

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