We are two friends Nikhil and Satish basically we are engineering student doing B.Tech in Computer science  stream we have completed our 12th from DR.R.P.S Vidyalaya in 2010 which is located in president estate. We used live in President Estate quarters .Both of our parents are GOVT. employee and we belong to a middle class family
Now we will tell you about us individually:-
Hi I am SATISH 19 years old belong to Orissa but since last 15 years  I used  to live in Delhi with my Parents And a elder brother .I was a good student in my class and all teacher always praised me for that. I was focused about my career and study like a book worm but when I came to 1 0th class my whole life is changed and that time I was able to know that life is not just about studying life is much more and then I starting enjoying my life in a good ways like playing cricket, football, rugby etc and enjoying parties and doing fun with friends flirting with girls and disturbing the teacher during class hours by playing funny pranks and so on .But with doing so much fun I also take care about my study .By doing both and studying .I cleared my 12th bored with good marks now my friend NIKHIL will tell you something about him.

Hi I am NIKHIL 18 years old basically my home town is Bihar but born place is Delhi and I used to live in Delhi since 18 years with my parents and two elder sisters .I was always a average student in my class and always doing hard work to perform well but due to some unknown reasons I don’t know why I never got good result according to my hard work and sometime I feel very bad for myself but I never stop my dreams and hunger to become a successful man increase day by day from my childhood aim to become an air force pilot to an astronaut and now to become a most successful man in the world  and do something for India ,but my unsuccessful  past always a big fear for me . But I know that it was just a bad time and I am not an unlucky guy and I will prove myself one day. Since childhood I am a gadgets lover but as my age increase my hunger for electronics gadgets is also increased .I was actually not a very fun loving guy but I used to play cricket football and rugby .By doing all such thing I cleared my 12th  class with average marks and I was satisfied with my marks .

OK these are our story of school days after doing school we decide to do engineering like so many other students and we also try entrance exams for admission in good college but unfortunately we are become unsuccessful to cracked these entrance exam .And we had a last option for doing B.Tech from a average college because our family was not able to give donation for good colleges our families were very supportive and they always support us whatever we want to do. Finally we got admission in average B.Tech College in Haryana. We are very passionate about electronics that’s why we decide to doing B.Tech from electronics and communication stream. We were very excited about our college and hostel life, we did so many preparation for college like clothes, shoes and accessories shopping etc.
It was the first day of our college and we have expected so many things but after spending 1 week in both college and hostel we found that it was not according to our expectation .we becomes very sad and hopeless because we knew that we have to spend of a 4 year in this college and hostel but both the college and hostel are not acceptable for us. there are so many problems and limitations are there like in college there is no apparatus  is working so many  apparatus were not available, required books were not available in library  all teachers were  comes with bachelor degree and don't know how to teach students and they also don't have full knowledge about any topic and so many times  they were not able to answer our questions they don't knew that which  topic is in our syllabus and which  topic is not and they  teach according to them and not according to syllabus. Also that canteen condition was very bad and the only two people maintain the whole canteen and the food quality was very poor.
Now come to hostel where is electricity and water supply was not regular wall paint was very old and  looking ugly we had to spend whole day with insects and mosquitoes very  hardly because   hostel was situated in the center of field there was no playground to play and also no playing equipment was available there.
So we found that college cheat us because they told us so many good things about college before admission but everything they said was just fake and fraud we knew that our future is in the dark with this college so we feel very bad for us and we can’t tell our family due to fear of the loss of money and loss of 1 year of our career.
But after 2nd semester exam we gather some courage and tell everything to a parent they become  very sad after hearing all these and they tell us that nothing to worry don't  waste  your career there and  be able to make your admission in another  college that time we feel very happy and relaxed now the last problem was our 12 class document which are submitted in college we need our  document for admission in another college when we tell everything to principal and   asked for our document back so the principal say no to us for return our  document and we feel very shock after seeing their  unexpected behavior he also rejected all other student to return there  documents because he knew that all year student want to leave college.
Then it was very necessary to take back document of not only our but all other student’s document too to save there and our career so we plan to complain against college management to return our documents back. Then we go to police and file complain against college management  and tell our problem to police and next day    police come in our college and we get our documents back with all other students . But one thing that comes in our mind between hole whole bad face of life is the idea of make a website.
 And after all this night mare we  get admission in SIET GR. Noida in first year computer science this time we decide to take computer science because we have and mind blowing website idea  we have the whole idea about our website but due to lack of money we had to drop our  idea that's why we started blogging on electronics because we are very passionate about electronics we started this blog to help people  giving information and interesting facts about electronic devices like tablet, Smartphone ,computers, laptop, electronics accessories .We do so to deplete the barrier between people and electronic devices because still so many people are fears of using electronic devices and so many people are still not interested in electronics so we want to also create interest in people about electronics
we also want some money from our blog so that we can start our fantastic website soon and you can help us by visiting our blog regularly if you love our blog and want to live up to date with electronic gadgets then please visit our blog everyday soon we will launch our website and I hope that you will like that website too if you have any idea about our blog and our coming soon website which you want to see in your future favorite website   than please tell us.  


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